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Sonic Unleashed Chapter 31

Two of Eggman’s robot came to Mitsuke, who was hiding in the ruins of Mazuri, the abandoned part of town.

“Unable to locate, Sonic the Hedgehog, my apologies, mistress.” The robot on the right spoke.
“Then why have you come back to ME, when you should be out looking for that Gaia forsaken HEDGEHOG???”
The robots recoiled and scratched their heads, puzzled.
“…Does not compute.”

Mitsuke slapped her hand to her forehead in disbelief, wondering why Eggman paired her with THESE two…

“Just… keep looking…” she sighed with frustration in her tone.
The robots nodded and continued their search.

Once they were gone, Mitsuke sat and folded her hands together.
“Be strong… Sonic. The darkness is strong… but I know that your will is stronger…” she prayed.
Then, she tilted her head up, staring at the bright, full moon.
She began to sing quietly to herself in an almost low hum of harmony.
This song was in a foreign language, however.

“…moo yukiba ga nai wa… kono koi no netsu-ryou…Ahhhhhhhh…”


“…Gray cloud Monochrome bustle..”
Anaid continued to sing the same tune as she too, gazed up at the moonlight.
Frostbite watched, admiring it, and yet, mourning it.
“…Sun light shadows … Dusk changes its color…”
She stopped and stroked Frostbite’s fur.
“It’s a song that my father taught me…” she told him, no longer singing.
She paused and frowned slightly, glazing past Frostbite.
“…My…father…” she repeated in a sad tone. “…I miss him very much…”

Amy walked towards them from the town.
Everyone, including Rouge and Immunity camped out in a small clearing near Mazuri.
Sonic was a Werehog again and Immunity was helping Knuckles prepare a delicious dinner for the group.
“I called Rob.” Amy started. “He said that he’ll be waiting for Immunity.”
“I’ll get going tomorrow!” Immunity said, paying no attention to the burning soup.

Sonic had drifted a bit from the campfire, to give others a chance to stay warm, unlike him, who had the proper fur to withstand the cold breezes of the night.
Sonics’ eyes snapped open, hearing footsteps, drawing closer behind him.
Then after that, a small voice emerged.
Sonic knew that voice belonged to Tails, so he needn’t bother look back.
The young fox kit came beside him, setting himself down on the ground a letting loose a hefty sigh, exhausted.
“I…need to talk to you…” he mused.

Sonic knew what was coming, the conversation he was dreading most of all.

“… I hate to even bring it up but… we have to settle this, once and for all.”
Sonic gulped, pulling in closer to him.
Tails hesitated to speak, so Sonic began to form circles in the dirt with his claw, hoping to stimulate his train of thought.
He hated to even think about the argument he had with his pal, not long before he left after Eggman.

“All I can say is…that I was stupid…” Tails finally said. “I got so angry with you… all because you never really took me anywhere with you… and…”
Sonic retrieved memories from that fight.

Sonic had always looked after Tails, like he would his own son, if he would ever have one. But once Tails had gotten older, he became more independent and looked after himself more, so Sonic decided to leave him be.
However, he left him alone… a bit too much he figured.
He rebuked Tails for too long, and that’s why he got mad…

“And… now look what’s happened to you, Sonic…!”
Sonic let out a whimper and sunk his head low, allowing his ears to cock back.
“Sonic! Please don’t do that!” Tails begged, turning to his friend. “It…it’s my fault.”
Tails stopped briefly to wipe his tears away before they showed themselves.

“Once that fight was getting fired up… that’s when we saw the Egg Carrier up above, and I… I told you to go… to go and chase him, to leave me alone…!”
Tails had begun to weep even more.
“Why, Sonic?! Why did I say that?! Why did you listen to me?! I’m so sorry!!”
He was sobbing heavily now, unable to stop.

He opened his eyes when heard something moving in the dirt beside him.
Tails glanced down at Sonics’ claw, writing something in the dust and rubble in front of him now.
Sonic soon finished with a big, comforting smile.
It read, “You are my brother, Tails.”
Tails finished his last round of tears and placed his hand over Sonics’ forehead, beginning to fondle through it with his fingers.

“And… you’re MY brother, Sonic. Thanks…” he said, scrunching up his nose with a sniff.
Sonic let out that low purr- like growl as Tails pet his “favorite spot” thoroughly.
He didn’t mind it and his right foot began to move up and down, like it always did.
Tails laughed, but soon stopped and stood up, looking quite serious now.

“Sonic, I promise, I’ll do everything in my abilities to get you back to normal! It isn’t right for you to suffer like this!”
But Sonic frowned and shook his head, beginning to write more in the ground.
He wrote, “My curse, my duty.”

Tails calmed himself a bit and sighed. “…Sonic…I don’t get it…”
Sonic looked down and drew in the dirt. Nothing he drew was anything that could be noticed, but it seemed to calm him down.

“DINNER EVERYONE!!!” immunity called.
Sonic and Tails ran over back to the group.
Immunity had to throw away the burnt soup. However, she had quickly cooked up a large drum stick, fit for a small hungry group.
“Let’s eat!”
Immunity set it down and suddenly, Sonic took the entire drumstick and swallowed it whole.
He wasn’t exactly thinking about what he was doing.

“SONIC!!” Exclaimed Amy.
Sonic looked over at her, slightly confused. “What?” he wondered.
He then looked down at where the meat USED to be.
“Huh?! Where did it go?!” he shouted.
“Sonic, you just ate it all!” Immunity answered, shocked herself.
“Wh…What?! I ate it all?!” Sonic didn’t remember doing it. However, he could taste the pasty flavor in his mouth still.
“Oh! I guess I did…”

Anaid laughed and pet Sonic. “Sonic, your just one big hungry puppy, aren’t you?” she asked.
“I’m not a puppy…” he moaned.
“It’s okay, Sonic.” Immunity said to him. “I’ll just go get some mor food from our diner.”
She got up and headed off.

“Sonic?” Frostbite asked, drawing closer to his friend.
“What’s up?” Sonic asked.
“Oh! Uh… nothing!” he quickly said as he withdrew again.

“Poor Sonic…” Anaid thought. “He needs help.”
She sighed as she pet Sonic some more.
“Sonic… find yourself…”

“…Let me show you…what once was…”


Sonic was dreaming again, in the same place he was before.
The small river in the forest.
It was daylight, however, Sonic was still a werehog, but he wasn’t bothered by that.
A boy was sitting by the river. He looked like he was around 14 or 15 years of age.

This boy had short white hair that looked as if it was snow, but it clearly wasn’t.
But what was strange about this kid was that he had wolf’s ears and a tail, although he looked human.
Wearing worker’s clothing, including sky- blue overalls and dirt on his pale clear cheeks, he rested, feeling relaxed.
Suddenly, something grabbed his arm violently and yanked him from the ground.
It was a soldier from the castle that was not too far away.
Sonic knew and hated those guards.

The guard held the boy’s arm up in front of him visiously.
“You again!” he barked in the kid’s ear loudly. “I thought I taught you a lesson, but I guess I didn’t! You are to stay out of these woods and remain in the wastelands, where you belong! Understand?!”
But the boy struggled and hit the guard in the face, causing him to release him.
“Argh! You little pest!”
The guard drew his sword and aimed for the boy’s head.

“Look out!” Sonic cried.
But Sonic knew he couldn’t do anything anyway.
The boy quickly turned to see the sword.


He had drawn out his own dagger and met it with the guard’s sword, causing his attack to fail.
“Heh! You have quite a temper there.” The boy insulted. “You ASS of a lion!”
“I’d rather be an ass of a lion than a head of a fox, like you are. Maybe THAT was why your own father left you!” the guard hollered back at him.
“Don’t you DARE talk about my father that way!” the boy cried as he forced the soldier back with his blade.

“Stop this at once!” a girl cried from behind them.
The two turned around and they both saw a young woman, about 14 years of age.
It was Teruko, only much older now.
“Isn’t that… the girl I saw in the temple preaching in my last dream?” Sonic wondered.

The guard stood straight and pointed to the boy.
“I found this boy, wandering in YOUR forest, miss.” He tadled.
But she cut him off by raising her right hand. “I shall deal with him myself. He is MY friend and I do wish that you would treat him with respect next time!”
“I have spoken. You may take your leave, sir knight.”
The guard paused, but he soon bowed and left respectfully.

Nce the guard was out of sight, Teruko ran and hugged the boy.
“Ina- Shima! What are you doing here?” she asked, letting go of him.
Ina- Shima smiled and held out something.
“Here.” He said. “I made this for you.”
It was a pink crystaled necklace that shined brightly, just like a chaos emerald.
“It’s so beautiful, Ina- Shima! Thank you so much!” Teruko thanked as she accepted the necklace, placing it around her neck. “…But why?” she asked.

“It is to bring you good luck, and to remember me.”
Teruko smiled and took the gem into her palm. “It is wonderful and thoughtful, however, I will not need this in order to remember you. You are in my heart, and you shall never leave it.”

“Teruko… I want you to stay here, so I can protect you, forever!”
“I will be okay, Ina. While I am away… I would like it if you would watch after my sisters for me.” She answered. “…and my brother, Mirage… I want you to teach him what you know, so that he may become strong and brave someday as well.”

Ina- Shima nodded.
“Teruko… when you return… then, I will always be there, to keep you safe.”
“And I, will keep you safe as well… my dear friend.” Teruko repeated.

“…I love you…”
“…and I you… my love…”

Sonic watched as the two kissed, holding each other close.

But suddenly, the feeling of the moment changed as Sonic felt a petrifying chill from behind him.
He whirled around and saw Teruko… no… it was not Teruko!
This girl did, in fact, look a great deal like Teruko. However, her hair was cut in many places and her skin was pale and scarred.
She was as if she was dead.
Her body quivered slightly and a scared look on her face made her seem like a ghost.
“Who are you?!” Sonic inquired.
The girl replied in a shaky voice.
“I am… what once was… and what will be…”
“Once was and will be? I don’t understand!”
“I am… the past and the future… the war and the doom…”

“Why are you here, haunting my dreams like this?!”
“Haunting…? No… I am alive…”
“What are you talking about? I didn’t ask that!”
“I am alive! I am alive!” the girl cried. “Prevent the future! For as it stands now… I am very dead…!”
“Stop him! Stop the nightmares! Stop Dark Gaia!” Tears were now flowing from the strange girl’s eyes.

She then pointed her pale, thin finger at Teruko.
“You see her? So happy… so bright… Do you see her?!”
“Yes… I… I see her…” Sonic didn’t know what else to do but listen.
“So happy… so bright… I miss her! I miss HIM! Help me see him again!”
The girl grasped Sonics’ hands and squeezed then tightly.
“See who?” Sonic questioned.
Sonic gasped as he looked down at the girl’s hands then at the girl.
It was Anaid!

“You are our only hope, Sonic! You are our hero… our angel!”
“Angel of light… light…dark…SONIC!!!”
Yay! The beginning of the Ina- Shima mystery!
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